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Mobile App Development


Groundbreaking ideas require cutting-edge technologies for execution! We enable forward-thinking businesses to bridge the consumer experience with enterprise-grade mobility solutions.

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  • Brand Value

    Improve your effective frequency or brand value with an aesthetically designed mobile app with features users would love

  • Customer Engagement

    Keep up and engage with your mobile consumers by making products or services available at their fingertips

  • Marketing Channel

    Promote, share and keep consumers informed about the latest developments, an effectively ubiquitous marketing channel

  • Customer Loyalty

    New or old, acquire or retain consumers with a personalized brand experience with a feature-rich mobile app

Material Design for Multiple Platforms

Responsive animations, transitions and grid-based layouts to offer consumers/ clients with a seamless user experience across all devices

Windows UWP Guidelines

Universal tools to create user experiences
transcending device barriers

Windows Apps Development

Tailor the same code and design for most
purposes on all devices

iOS Human

Functionality & design decisions driven by Deference, Clarity and Depth

iOS Apps

Swift & Objective-C to build apps optimized for iPads or iPhones

Android Material Design

Layers, shadows & live transitional
elements for a clean interface

Android Apps Development

Grid-based design viewable across
varying screen resolutions


For a workforce that is anywhere and everywhere, how does your enterprise fare in offering solutions that are capable of protecting company data and reducing IT overheads? Enterprise mobility is a mobile strategy that combines the effectiveness of a mobile application and business process mobility, securely delivering functionality for your tasks on-the-move.

We offer feature-rich enterprise mobile application development services and mobility solutions to let you increase business efficiency and enterprise mobility.

  • Effectively synchronize all internal enterprise applications and extend them to the mobile work environments through a secure transmission channel.

  • Manage and mobilize your enterprise workforce to meet the standards of organization’s data availability and security facilitating scalability whenever required.

  • Ensure that the availability of all enterprise mobile apps is optimized for functionality on multiple devices with varying degrees of screen orientations.

Increase your business efficiency and enterprise mobility with our feature-rich mobility solutions and mobile application development services. Clavax, as a mobile app development company working across diverse mobile platforms to provide clients with optimized solutions to their mobile app development requirements.

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